Teachers Development Group will collaborate with you to design a personalized and comprehensive professional development plan that focuses on improving your students' mathematical understanding and achievement.

We will help you create a plan with the following features, defined by the mathematics education and research communities as fundamental to successful reform:

1. It will be long-term. A successful reform effort spans several years.

2. It will enhance participants' mathematical content knowledge while simultaneously developing their pedagogical sense.

3. It will be systemic, addressing change on a school, district, or regional basis and involving teachers, administrators, instructional assistants, parents, and other school stakeholders.

4. It will provide modeling that assures participants first hand experiences with NCTM Standards-based practices (e.g., manipulatives to develop meaningful conceptual models, instructionally embedded assessment, questioning to elicit student thinking).



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You may include one or more of the following options in your professional
development plan:

• An introductory session to expose members of your school or district to the philosophy and approach of Standards-based mathematics instruction and to elicit their input in planning.

• A series of mathematics institutes for teachers.

• Monthly mentoring to support teachers as they implement new strategies.

• Leadership development institutes and mentoring for administrators and/or local teacher-leaders.

• Classroom demonstrations, observations, and team teaching with classroom teachers.

• Leadership institutes for parents wishing to facilitate math nights for families.

• Mathematics institutes for instructional assistants.

• Consultation regarding the alignment of your curriculum, instruction, and assessment frameworks with state and national standards.


Because of our non-profit status, when we work with you to develop a school/district plan, we strive to minimize your costs while maximizing
instructional quality and participation. Typically, the contracting process involves one or more meetings/discussions to explore your needs.
Then we work with you to craft a plan that addresses those needs. Aside from travel expenses, this planning process involves no cost
or obligation by you. We will also work with you to develop strategies for funding your plan and we will provide support as you design grant proposals involving Teachers Development Group services.

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